Australian Dental Practice Owners and Managers

Struggling To Be Found Online? Not On Our Watch.

Online marketing has become an important part of the marketing of many Australian Dental Practices, but you might already have discovered that it’s not always smooth sailing.

The internet, with its search engines, social media platforms, algorithms and data, is a complex machine with lots of moving parts, some of which seem to eat your money, energy, and time without producing very much in return.

Dental Web Strategies is a place where Australian dental practice owners and managers can go to for answers, guidance and assistance by a team I've hand-picked for their talent, expertise and knowledge.

Dental Web Strategies Is Not Your Regular Marketing Agency

If you're here looking for plain vanilla websites, cheap and nasty SEO services and canned social media, you're definitely in the wrong place.

If you thumb your nose at our Advertising Guidelines, you need to look somewhere else.

That's not the sort of stuff we tolerate here. If anything, we're trying to stamp out all of that crap, and to protect Australian dentists from the fallout that these things inevitably lead to.

Our core purpose is to provide Australian Dentists with the information, support and guidance they need to navigate the shifting sands of online marketing.

In case you haven't met me yet, let me introduce myself.

I'm Jacki Kearslake, an Australian dentist (a graduate of the University of Adelaide). For 16 years I worked as a dentist in private practice. These days I'm better known as the founder of Dental Web Strategies.

Since I put down my handpiece (in 2006) I've made it my mission to understand online marketing from an Australian Dentist's perspective.

There's a lot of misinformation, bad practices and scams out there, and I'll admit to uttering a few choice words from time to time when I've seen how my colleagues have been persuaded or tricked into doing things that, at best, are ineffective and, at worst, attract penalties from Google and letters from AHPRA.

Is This The Right Place For You?

You’re in the right place if you:
- are an Australian Dental Practice Owner or Manager
- are starting from scratch in any aspect of your online presence and want to know what’s working now OR
- have been online for a while and think there are more opportunities for you to explore
- have been given advice from agencies, consultants or others, but want an unbiased second opinion
- want more control over your online marketing. Perhaps you are of the DIY-persuasion and want to shorten your learning curve. Maybe you just like to know what’s going on.
- think you’ve been taken for a ride, screwed over or cheated and want to know what to do to escape or recover
- would like your staff trained to manage parts of your online visibility in-house (a great idea, especially for social media).

If any of these resonate, I’m glad you found us. Come on in.